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Backpacking food that's good enough to eat at home. Buy your backpacking meals here.

Fully Prepared, Single Serving, Heat & Eat Backpack Meals shipped to you.

Eat Fresh with No Mess

  • Enjoy your Backpacking experience without the hassle of shopping or cooking
  • Good food freshly prepared for you by our chefs
  • Specialty waterproof packaging and preparation keeps clean-up and weight to a minimum
Organized and Shipped to You
  • Each meal is individually packed for ease of carry and quick heating
  • Tell us your delivery date and we’ll ship right to you
  • We can even ship to campgrounds, parks and other destinations
Simply Heat & Eat
  • Choose your best meals from our extensive menus
  • Each meal is pre-cooked so you don’t have to prepare food during your time in the backcountry
  • Most recipes only require boiling water which reduces your need for cookware and clean up
Backpacking food that's good enough to eat at home. Buy your backpacking meals today.

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