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Campsite Catering Launches Oct. 2015

Posted by Camp Leader Scott on

Campsite Catering has Launched! While other mail-order food services concentrate on delivering a cooking experience, Campsite Catering allows you to enjoy your outdoor experience without the worry of cooking. 

The mission of Campsite Catering is to prepare fresh meals for people away from home; hikers, bikers, campers, sailors, or anyone traveling with little access or no access to a kitchen. 

For longer hiking and canoeing outings, not all food can be freshly prepared, so Campsite Catering will offer shelf-stable and dehydrated meals. The initial launch of the website will include dehydrated soups, stews and chilis that are vegetarian such as Premium Chicken Flavored Soup, Beef Flavored Soup with Quinoa & Mushrooms, Super Split Pea Soup, Sweat Corn Chowder and Mama Mia Italian Vegetable Soup.

Enjoy the Experience without the Cooking. Camping food that's good enough to eat at home.

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